Lone Star BBQ

Lone Star BBQ is a high quality Texas style BBQ spot near CMU (although they will be moving in a few weeks to near Tha Pae Gate).

Simple menu, cozy location, food without short comings.

potato salad 2

The owner is a chill dude from Texas that describes his bbq sauce as essentially ketchup mixed with Coco-Cola and plops your meat on your plate with his own two (gloved) hands, table side. These are things you want associated with a BBQ joint. Sweeny the owner, also took the time and effort to properly toast the bun for a pulled pork sand-which, which he sold at cost as this was dinner and that’s a lunchtime special. Good BBQ is about the little things and these are taken care of here.

Food was fairly priced, expect to pay 250-350 for a meat, generous side, and drink; alongside a complimentary ramekin of each coleslaw.

Lone Star BBQ

Open: Tuesday-Saturday 11:00-21:00 or until sold out

Currently in move to new locations near Tha Pae Gate.

brisket 2

The Good Stuff, Chiang Mai


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