Bagel House Cafe

New Yorkers say bae-gle, Canadians ba-gle, and Thai ba-gon (well they would if they knew how delicious these things were). However you choose to say it, you’ll be happy doing so.

Bagel House Cafe has great quality bagels for Thailand… Hell, I’d say these were great even if I were in the US. While I prefer them toasted with butter or room temp with cream cheese, You can get your bagels and lox fix here or with Nutella if you’re craving a dessert for breakfast.

A single topping-less takeaway bagel is 40 baht, but if you buy two or more they are 35 baht each.

Bagel House Cafe

+ 66 091 632 3688

Open: 8:15-17:00 Everyday


The Good Stuff, Chiang Mai


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