Nes Cafe CNX

Chiang Mai has some great coffee. For me, as far as availability of a quality product and over all coffee culture Chiang Mai is right up there with Spain and the Pacific Northwest (outside of Seattle and Portland). And while there is amazing stuff available it often comes at a somewhat steep price point.

Nes Cafe is a great utility coffee shop and in my opinion has the best 30 baht latte in town. The woman who runs the shop (Nes) is a sweetheart and provides a good service at a great price. The coffee is served hot (not this lukewarm trend that higher end places so often have because you can “taste the flavor better at a cooler temperature”) so you have the time to sit down, watch the tourists try to cross the moat traffic, and take in all the tuk tuk fumes.

Nes Cafe CNX

Open: 6:30-17:30 Everyday


The Good Stuff Chiang Mai

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