Akha Ama/Flips & Flips Homemade Donuts

Hipsters, they tried to make mustaches, bucket hats, and wire rimmed glasses a thing and fortunately they failed. Also fortunately, they didn’t come up quite as short with quality coffee and fancy donuts.

Akha Ama occupies a very nice spot in the bolstering coffee scene of Chaing Mai. At 50 baht for a latte you are paying twice as much as a utility coffee, but only half the price of the “specialty” places like Rist8to. The price increase over your run of the mill coffee is very warranted for me here, as it leaks over into the other parts of the coffee experience not just the flavor of the bean juice: AC, WiFi speed, how wooden and simplistic the chairs and tables can be, the ambient conversations about start ups, ethical elephant sanctuaries, plastic pollution, etc. you know coffee shop talk. if I want coffee and I’m in the area this is my go to cup.

Just a side street away is Flips & Flips Homemade Donuts. This is where you can get the sugar rush to combat the caffeine buzz so you can really focus on writing that screen play. They do a more up scale style of donut than you would get from the grocery store back home and are a bit on the pricier side at 45 baht apiece. I do think they are worth it though, as they are well thought out and significantly better than the alternative at say a Dunkin’ or Mr. Donuts.

Akha Ama Coffee (Santitham)

088 267 8014

Open: 8:00-17:30 Everyday

Flips&Flips Homemade Donuts

091 865 1535

Open: 11:00-16:00 Closed Thursday

The Good Stuff, Chiang Mai

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