Khao Soi Islam

Thailand is filled with Thai people, but just like most of you reading this, not everyone who lives here is Thai. There are countless numbers of indigenous non-Thai groups, immigrants, and expats (the term white people like to call themselves because immigrant has a… less than favorable connotation in Europe and America). Along with their cultures and languages immigrants tend to bring their cuisine along for the journey.

40,000 Muslims call Chiang Mai their home and 4.6% of the population in Thailand identifies as Muslim, making it the second largest religion after, well you Wat the first one is. My favorite Muslim inspired Thai dish (or is it Thai inspired Muslim?) has to be the take on biryani served in this country. It is most commonly served with chicken, but at Khao Soi Muslim Noodles, also known as Khao Soi Islam, I stick with the beef, as it cooked low and slow and comes in a rather large singular piece. However, the real star of this dish is the rice. It is stained yellow, light, fluffy, and each grain is individualistic, unlike the staple grain sticky rice that’s available in 99% of street side red coolers (is it still a cooler if it’s used to keep things hot?). The cucumbers help combat the rich umami flavor with a refreshing snap, and the coriander sauce adds a welcome sweet and sour component.

Also, as the name suggests they do a great Islam style khao soi here. The broth comes intentionally, almost criminally, under seasoned, but this is on purpose. It’s so you can add fish sauce, lime juice, sugar, and chili oil to suit your taste. They also add the coconut milk just before serving and you can specify how creamy you want it when ordering.

A plate of khao mok nuea (Thai style beef biryani) is a very reasonable 70 baht. The khao soi will set you back 50 or 70 baht depending on the protein.

Khao Soi Muslim Noodles

082 392 0142

Open: 8:00-17:00 Everyday

The Good Stuff Chiang Mai

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