Meena Rice Based Cuisine

Meena Rice Based Cuisine is a lovely little restaurant tucked down a side alley from what might be the most chic street in Chiang Mai. The eating area sits atop a small body of water, the wait staff is filled with friendly and trendy young Thai girls, and did I already mention the large windows for contemplation?

You don’t come here because the food is very good, although it is (particularly the care put towards cooking the rice to a perfect texture). You don’t come here because it’s on your way, it’s actually almost certainly out of your way. You come here for a meticulously prepared meal, great ambience, and to make everyone who sees your Instagram green with envy.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on your fixed gear bicycle, put on your bucket hat, and grab that old camera you bought at a vintage store and Instagram your little heart out at Meena Rice Based Cuisine.

The rainbow triangle of rice is 25 baht, 120 for the steamed fish curry, and 45 for the blackberry shake.

Meena Rice Based Cuisine

Open: 10:00-17:00 Thursday-Tuesday

The Good Stuff Chiang Mai

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