Phuping Coffee

After finishing a bowl of red curry with roasted duck I was on my way to Graph Cafe for some sort of pricey coffee cocktail, but then a sign caught my eye. Phuping coffee is what it read. My inner 8 year old would not let me pass this place up without sipping on a cup of hot brown liquid. While my inner 8 year old was the one that made me enter, my inner 22 year old hipster attending a liberal college on the liberal side of a liberal state made me stay.

There were ALL the tell tale signs that this place was going to make a good cup of bean juice. I was greeted to the sound of “Somewhere Only We Know” by Kaene, in the year 2019 no less. There were chairs and tables made from spare plumbing parts. The plants were dead, sprayed gold, and in pots with coffee beans. Various instruments were strewn about that could be found in a University chem lab, one of which was a syphon filled with slowly melting ice behind a hand written sign. The room was filled with soft light from a large chandelier that was too big for the room. My barista had a tight black t shirt tucked into some tan pants, covered by a black apron with leather straps. The espresso machine was hand pulled. And after I finished my drink I washed my hands in a sink made out of a large piece of driftwood.

I highly suggest checking out this place. The coffee and experience was excellent.

A hot latte with complimentary cup of tea served on a posh wooden tray will run you 50 baht.

Phuping Coffee

Open: 8:30-19:00 Everyday

The Good Stuff Chiang Mai

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