Red Curry With Roasted Duck

I came to ครัว พ.เพียง in search of a quality kai jiaw moo saap (Thai style omelette with minced pork). While they do justice to eggs with rice here the best part of my meal was the red curry with roasted duck. I have yet to eat a curry that utilizes roasted duck as the protein, and after sampling this bowl I understand why. The duck here comes on the bone and requires you to get your fingers a bit messy to properly enjoy it. This is something that bothers some people, but I personally enjoy food that comes at the cost of a few extra napkins. This particular roast duck reminded me of good jerky and has a great textural contrast to the creamy curry and fluffy rice. It comes with pineapple and is definitely on the sweet and sour side, something else I rather enjoy.

A plate of kai jiaw and small bowl of curry with rice will run you between 50 and 75 baht (I forgot to write down the price and am leaning toward the 50 baht price tag). Either way it’s great value, and flavor, for the money.

ครัว พ.เพียง

Open: 11:00-21:00 Sunday-Friday

The Good Stuff Chiang Mai

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