My Kitchen

What they are doing at My Kitchen is frankly criminal. How dare they give you THIS much food for THAT price. Everyday there is a rotating special for just 100 baht. I’ll repeat that. Everyday they are open, they do a different European main, side, veg, and assorted spread of breads for just 100 baht (or some combination thereof). It’s like they don’t want to make money.

When I went the special was Pork Orloff, roasted pork with bacon tucked under a blanket of cheese. It was nestled against a large puck of mashed potatoes, mixed salad, and steamed vegetables. The breads were a soft slice of whole grain, sweet raisin, and slightly bitter olive loaf, all from Nana bakery; accompanied by a full flavored and bodied brown sauce to swaddle each bite. And I know I have been guffawing over the quantity, but I could have done just as easily about the quality. As far as I can tell the only two bad things about this place are the fact that not everyone knows about it and that it can be a little hard to find, as it’s tucked away in a little neighborhood. Without a doubt the best deal on Western food I’ve come across in Chiang Mai so far, and at no cost to the quality.

Check their Facebook week’s specials.

My Kitchen

Open: 12:00-14:00 Monday-Friday

17:00-21:30 Monday-Saturday

Closed on Sunday

The Good Stuff Chiang Mai



  1. Since a long time our family eat there once a week . I can confirm every single word from your report ! Freshly made perfect food . Very friendly owners and staff .


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