Jario Coffee

Jario coffee didn’t have any kind of “it” factor, as far as Chiang Mai coffee shops go. There was no dead potted plants who’s soil was coffee beans. There wasn’t any indie music being played reminiscent of my college days. The barista didn’t have a thin mustache and his apron was devoid of pointless leather straps.

Despite all of these factors they some how made a really nice cup of coffee, I guess there are exceptions to every rule. This is a place for people who need a respite on the way either to or from Maejo. It has a nice upstairs sitting area, quiet and secluded enough to get some graphic design, copywriting, or startup work done on a MacBook. I’d just say laptop here, but let’s be real, it’ll be a MacBook.

A large latte will run 75 baht and a small is 60.

Jario Coffee

Open: 08:30-17:30 Everyday

The Good Stuff Chiang Mai


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