Baan Bakery

Baan Bakery is the best substitute for a European Coffee shop I’ve found in Chiang Mai. It’s about more than just the pastries here, although they are on par with any no name bakery in Spain. It’s more than the quality of the coffee, because it’s honestly not that great. It’s the whole vibe of the place. Why exactly it exists, and what it’s used for.

This sanctuary of manipulated grain, is either the catalyst to your day or the inhibitor. If trying to forgo the inevitable is the goal, Baan Bakery is what you want. A place to get something so laborious as a laminated confection, when getting said treat is the only labor you’re interested in. Alternatively, the virile boost from a bitter espresso and the messy deconstruction of a Danish, acts as a good springboard to a productive morning.

The baked goods here really are top notch. The croissant are flaky and on the crunchy end of the spectrum; the proper end. Honestly, all the puff pastries are amazing – most containing a custard and fruit filling.

They do a number of savory and Asian style breads as well. Both are the same quality as the sweet variety – worth a try if that’s your kinda thing. The Croque Monsieur is my favorite savory. Exactly the kind of breakfast that is just light enough to fuel but not over fill, while still being utterly delicious.

The inside has the vibe of a busy but quiet café. A place you could sit and do some work, if a little ambient white noise is something you like. I’d say best used for light reading or writing.

The outside has three very different feeling sections. The back wall houses a pair of tables in a zen green space, nice for some 1 on 1 time with a friend or a pain au chocolat. There is a big shaded wooden table just outside the door, if you have a big group. And next to the parking is some four seaters that would be a nice place for getting some real laptop work accomplished.

Baan Bakery is an all around great spot that is walking distance from the old town and not too far a drive from Nimman. They sell out quick, but restock with freshies till early afternoon. I’d say coming before 10:30 will offer a nearly full selection. However, coming right after it opens ensures the good stuff will be available.

You can’t go wrong with anything you pick here, but I’d say the croissant and any of the custard/fruit pastries should be on top of the list. The only other place that I think does a croissant as well in town is L’Opera near the night bizarre, and I haven’t had a better danish in Thailand.

All pastries are in the 15-30 baht range, really just absurd quality for the price.

Baan Bakery

Open: 08:00-16:00

Closed: Sunday

The Good Stuff Chiang Mai



    1. Hey Vicki, it is indeed quite yummy. You can find the Google Map for it embedded at the bottom of the post.

      Try giving the website’s food map a try, it’s on there too.

      Definitely get a croissant when you’re there, maybe the best in town.


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