Ruang Kong Larb เรื่องของลาบ ณ สันติธรรม

I’m almost certain there isn’t a word for tapas in Thai, but the spirit of tapas is very much in the Thai food they serve at เรื่องของลาบ ณ สันติธรรม (Ruang Kong Larb). Small plates, made for sharing, and a price per plate that rarely exceeds 30 baht. The only thing missing here for the full tapas experience is a cheap glass of red and a man trying to sell you a lotto ticket; it’ll be a พวงมาลัย (flower necklace) instead. On second thought, there still might be a man that shows up and tries to sell you a lotto ticket.

The ลาปไก่ (chicken larb) here might be my favorite larb in all of Thailand; imagine pebbly chicken with the flavor of sai ua. The อิ้มส้มกับไข่ (fermented pork and egg) is also fantastic, boasting a beautifully runny yolk.

The final tab came out to a whopping 115 baht, and fed three people comfortably with leftovers.

Ruang Kong Larb

เรื่องของลาบ ณ สันติธรรม

061 319 5164

Open: 10:00-22:00 Everyday

เป็ด: 10:00-22:00 ทุกวัน

The Good Stuff Chiang Mai

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