Southern Phatthalung (Southern Thai Food)

Let’s face it, Northern Thai food just isn’t that spicy. This is partly due to the fact that Thai people have a hard time grasping the concept that farang can, and like to, eat spicy food. As well as that the type and amount of chilies used in the North just doesn’t produce that rose kick to the tastebuds. Southern Thai food on the other hand, is hurt your ears spicy.

The southern Thai food they serve at Southern Phatthalung will leave you thumping from ear(drum) to ear. Deep fried fish topped with fried garlic and turmeric, creamy pork curry dotted with fresh peppercorns, and a fat plate of herbs plus crunchy vegetables are what make me happy here, not to mention the pallet cooling steamed rice. Just a short jaunt northwest of Maya will give you a taste from many hundred kilometers south.

Southern Phatthalung

Open: 7:00-18:00 Everyday

Price: A fried Snakehead fish, curry, plate of steamed rice, and vegetables will run around 60 baht.

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  1. Hi there,

    I am staying near this area at the end of November at Bed Changkian,
    Any other spots to check out/things to do around the area? (Night market, etc..)



    1. I’d say Graph is a must.

      Also Nana Bakery’s Saturday market is quite nice, there is even a bit of an outdoor market that it’s in.

      Try checking out the Santitham neighborhood. Lots of great Thai food, youthful vibe, isolated feel. Siri Wattana Market is there and one of my favorite places in Chiang Mai for Thai food.


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